Zego partners with mobility startup Brite

Irish company Brite has joined forces with London-based insurance provider Zego to enlarge its offerings on e-mopeds, e-scooters, and e-bikes throughout Ireland. Founded in 2019, Brite hopes that this partnership will expand their range as they tackle university campuses, delivery services, and other businesses, making sure each e-vehicle and rider will automatically be insured. This news follows the Irish Government’s announcement that all e-bike or e-scooter providers will have to offer complete insurance for riders.

From here on out, Zego and Brite will share trip data to better allow the insurance startup to base their prices off of usage.

Founded in 2016, Zego started as a pay-as-you-go insurance provider and late last year it became the first UK insurance startup to secure a European broking license. In total, Zego raised ~$52 million across five rounds.

“Micromobility has become a hot topic as businesses and consumers around the globe shift their focus to reducing carbon emissions and making more sustainable choices,” said Colin Barry, CEO and founder of Brite Mobility. “We’re big believers that adopting micro mobility services will help corporations, governments, and others not only achieve their carbon emission goals but also move their people around in a safe and efficient manner, without having to deal with traffic and the costs associated with parking cars and vans in our cities.”