Yolo Makes You Happy Even When It’s Raining

In collaboration with TUA Assicurazioni, Italian digital broker YOLO has added a new product to its offering – Yolo Sunny currently available in Italy, Spain, France and the UK.

The Idea – coverage for an event, trip or vacation if it rains. Coverage can be purchased up to 10 days before the event start date and a claim will be triggered if it rains more than 10mm in 24h. In that case Yolo Sunny will contact the policyholder and issue a refund. “If you have an excursion, an outdoor event or a planned holiday, from today with Yolo Sunny you can insure yourself against bad weather : Choose the place and the period you want to insure and if it rains you will be entitled to a refund of €80 for each rainy day.”

Get a feel for the flow below:

Bottom Line: Droplet comes to mind.