A Year Later and PitPatPet Picks up Another Insurance Partner

This time last year Coverager reported that RSA has invested an undisclosed amount in Cambridge-based pet telematics startup PitPatPet, which offers an activity monitor to track pet movement.


Now, it’s time for an update. The pet telematics company has since secured another insurance partner – Co-op Insurance. The Manchester-based insurer has partnered with PitPat to offer policyholders a free ‘doggy Fitbit’, aka a wearable activity monitor for dogs.



The ‘doggy Fitbit’ is designed to monitor pet’s activity and calories, and communicates data via smart technology, which enables the policyholder to monitor their pet’s activity. Why? Because two thirds (60%) of vets’ cite obesity as the biggest health and welfare concern for UK pets, according to the British Veterinary Association. That’s why.



“Just like humans, prevention is paramount when it comes to our pet’s health and analyzing real time data can help to achieve this. By better understanding dogs and how they behave, we’re able to directly correlate exercise with health. With this knowledge, owners are able to amend their pet’s routine in line with each individual breed’s exercise needs, and ensure that they enjoy an active and varied exercise routine” – David Hampson, Head of Pet Insurance at Co-op.


Speaking of pets, thinking of Pluto, an emerging health pet care company that’s “injecting technology and holistic care into an industry that often lacks both.” Keyword: emerging.