Xevo and Arity Team Up

Allstate’s technology company Arity and vehicle analytics company Xevo announced they are working together to create solutions designed to enrich and enhance the in-car experience. The collaboration will enable the companies to deliver a suite of vehicle connectivity and navigation features powered by Arity’s Automotive and Shared Mobility Solutions and Xevo Market, the company’s groundbreaking in-vehicle merchant-to-driver commerce platform, making it possible for drivers and fleet managers to receive personalized driving services and risk management information.



Think: (1) Improved Insurance Options and Pricing for Consumers: a curated connected car and companion app user experience designed to present relevant, personalized insurance offers based on an individual or group’s actual driving behaviors, including usage-based insurance. (2) Driving Services: a suite of services for OEMs and navigation solution providers that enable individuals and fleets to select safer, smarter routes, and avoid high-risk areas and intersections. (3) Intelligent Tools to Improve Fleet Operations of Any Size: an end-to-end experience offering fleet operators the business intelligence tools to effectively manage risk and increase overall profitably.


“The auto industry is in the midst of a transformational change, and OEMs are working tirelessly to adapt. Our collaboration with Xevo will better position OEMs to leverage connected car data for revenue-generating opportunities and deliver a more personalized, intelligent in-car experience – a key pillar of the auto industry’s value proposition in the future. The aim of our work with Xevo is to boost OEMs’ efforts to create better value and arm their customers with the insights that will make them smarter and safer on the road” – President at Arity, Gary Hallgren.


“Xevo Market makes it easy for OEMs to deliver smarter, safer, more productive journeys to their customers, and we are happy to collaborate with Arity to build even more useful, intuitive in-vehicle features and services. Working together gives us the opportunity to help individuals and fleet managers get the personalized information they need to effectively manage risk and keep costs down. Combining Xevo’s car, cloud, mobile, and market expertise with Arity’s data intelligence, we can offer OEMs features of value to their customers, enhancing the driving experience and simplifying people’s daily lives while improving road safety and helping them save money” – Xevo CEO, Dan Gittleman.