Xanatek and b atomic! Partner for Streamlined Neon Shopping Alerts Integration


Solon, OH 3/5/24—Xanatek, a leading cloud-based Agency Management System for high-performing insurance agencies, and b atomic! , a pioneer in AI-powered shopping tools for independent insurance agents, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. The partnership aims to simplify the process of utilizing neon Shopping Alerts, a cutting-edge product by batomic.com, now available to Xanatek users.

In today’s fast-paced online insurance search landscape, staying ahead of market trends and customer preferences is paramount for insurance agents. Through this collaboration, Xanatek and b atomic empower insurance agents with enhanced capabilities to leverage real-time insights and notifications, enabling them to know the who, what, when, and where of their policyholder’s online shopping activity. 

Neon Shopping Alerts is a service division product by b atomic! utilizes advanced AI algorithms to provide users with real-time alerts on an in-market activity like a customer shopping on a competitor’s website and other customer behavior patterns that alert an agency that it’s time to contact their policyholder. By integrating this powerful tool into the Xanatek platform, users can now seamlessly access and leverage neon Shopping Alerts directly within their existing reports dashboard without the need for cumbersome integrations or additional software.

“We are excited to partner with b atomic to offer our users a streamlined solution for accessing Neon Shopping Alerts,” said Brent Sheppard, President at Xanatek.com. “By integrating this innovative tool into our platform, we are empowering our customers with the real-time insights they need to stay competitive in today’s dynamic landscape.”

Echoing this sentiment, Seth Zaremba, CEO at b atomic, stated, “b atomic is stoked about a Xanatek partnership that revolutionizes the way agencies approach retention and cross-selling through AI-driven solutions. Xanatek, as an AMS, bringing the power of Neon Shopping Alerts to their community of insurance professionals is something special.”

For more information about the partnership and how Xanatek users can benefit from Neon Shopping Alerts, please visit batomic.com/alerts.

About Xanatek:

Xanatek was founded by Brent Sheppard—a former insurance agent—who realized there was an opportunity for agents to get more value out of their management systems. Brent saw an opportunity to create an easy-to-use management system and bundle it with support and training at a value-based price. His goal: give small and mid-sized agents the systems they need to run and grow their businesses while providing the right support to enable them to fully utilize the technology.

About b atomic!:

b atomic, an Insurtech based just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, is building a managed infrastructure platform called neon that allows independent insurance agencies to turn their data into money, their processes into production, and deliver services into workflows, lowering their cost per transaction.

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