Wysh enters the banking space

Northwestern Mutual subsidiary Wysh Life and Health Insurance Company is introducing Savings+, a high-yield savings account with a life insurance benefit worth up to $10,000.

Savings+ offers a 4.00% APY and account holders can earn life insurance coverage equal to 10% of the funds in their accounts, up to $10,000. The coverage is accessible to everyone up to age 80 and no underwriting is required.

Wysh has partnered with nbkc bank to introduce the new banking product.

“Savings+ expands financial protection to those historically left out, offering both growth and peace of mind. It’s more than an account; it’s a symbol of our promise to provide financial protection for all. Savings+ is America’s first solution of its kind, redefining the meaning of financial security, one that not only allows growth in savings but also an added layer of life insurance. It’s a new era, and we’re leading the way.” – Alex Matjanec, founder of Wysh.