Worst Parents in the World

A research commissioned by Income revealed that 66% of the youths surveyed will have to make sacrifices to support their parents financially, due to insufficient funds for retirement. This includes downgrading their lifestyle, settling for a smaller house or giving up their car. Also, those surveyed would indulge less in personal hobbies, take up extra jobs, give up overseas job opportunities, and delay marriage.


Enter BBH Singapore. The ad agency launched a new campaign for Income to encourage parents to plan their financial future rather than to rely on their children. With the tagline The Best Gift for your Child, the campaign is designed to start a conversation about the topic.


“We have no doubt that by investing in children, parents are fostering a better future for them. However, parents also must recognise that securing their own financial future is as significant in empowering their children to be future ready. In this regard, we believe that by planning for retirement, it is one of the best gifts that parents can offer our children.” – Chief Marketing Officer of Income, Marcus Chew.


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