WoodmenLife launches online fundraising tool

Omaha-based life insurer WoodmenLife has launched Impact, an online fundraising tool dedicated to expanding the ability of local organizations to fundraise for projects that enhance their communities.

Local organizations and committees can submit their fundraisers to Impact for projects that improve their community, such as new equipment for their volunteer fire station or chrome books for the educators in their elementary school. Additional fundraising categories will be available in coming weeks to help local food banks and family organizations.

WoodmenLife provides the funding for Impact’s administrative fees, including credit card fees, so 100% of the donations received go directly to the fundraising project, regardless of how much is raised. And, if funds are available, each fundraiser also receives a seed fund of $50 to start their campaign. Fundraisers are encouraged to keep donors updated by providing updates to their stories throughout their 45-day fundraising campaign.

“WoodmenLife has been supporting communities across the country for nearly 130 years. We created Impact as a way to grow our efforts to help communities on a larger level where it makes a broader impact.” – Patrick L. Dees, WoodmenLife President and CEO.

Bottom Line: L&G’s aLittleHelp.com comes to mind.