Wipro backs Aggne

Wipro , a firm specializing in technology services and consulting, has recently acquired a majority stake in Aggne, a company known for its consulting and managed services in the insurance industry. This strategic investment significantly enhances Wipro’s offerings in the Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance domain, integrating Aggne’s specialized capabilities and Intellectual Property (IP) with Wipro’s extensive resources.

The partnership between Wipro and Aggne aims to provide clients in the P&C sector with superior services, ensuring quicker delivery and innovative solutions. Aggne excels in transforming insurance operations, improving efficiencies, and elevating customer service levels, particularly through its expertise in developing solutions that reshape the P&C insurance landscape. Their approach is deeply rooted in collaboration, working closely with clients to achieve mutual success.

A key area of Aggne’s expertise lies in its IP-led services and its proficiency with the Duck Creek platform, which offers cloud-based, low-code solutions that help P&C insurers accelerate product development and foster continuous innovation.

Established in 2019 with operations in both the United States and India, Aggne has grown to employ 230 people across its offices in Tampa, Florida, and Hyderabad, India, demonstrating its commitment to driving change within the P&C insurance industry.