Where Gear Owners Go to Get Insurance

Last month, Brooklyn-based KitSplit announced a $2.1M seed round. “After rapid growth in New York, there is huge demand for KitSplit across the country. We will grow our team and invest deeply in expansion to meet demand in Los Angeles, the largest market for film production. Our expansion will make it easy for creators to access high quality production equipment, insurance, expert advice, and connections” – KitSplit cofounder and CEO, Lisbeth Kaufman.



KitSplit, established in 2015, is the Airbnb for cameras and lens; insurance included. It saves filmmakers, photographers, and other visual creatives time and money, by making it easier to get gear and insurance. They can rent from vetted owners, and get a better experience with individualized attention. KitSplit also provides gear advice and concierge service as well as monthly community events. Gear owners can earn extra income renting out their gear and marketing their services.


Renters can purchase short-term rental insurance at checkout and get an instant quote and instant coverage for any rental on KitSplit. Owners are invited to check out Athos Insurance, a CA-based personal and commercial lines insurance agency specializing in entertainment, recreation, and sports insurance.



Btw, KitSplit operates in the space of ShareGrid; to name one.



Bottom Line: a community of over 30,000 members in New York and Los Angeles.