Wellness Company Arivale Terminates Consumer Program

Arivale , a scientific wellness company that leverages “cutting-edge research, personalized data and tailored coaching” to help people optimize wellness and avoid disease has terminated its consumer program effective April 24, 2019; exactly 205 days since New York Life Ventures identified “LifeTech” as an emerging ecosystem.

Established in 2014 and currently led by Clayton Lewis, Arivale offered consumers health coaches to help them manage their health (e.g. lose weight, sleep better, manage stress, improve digestion etc.) starting at $99 a month.

According to a note published on its website, its program results “have been remarkable”; as participants reported high levels of engagement and satisfaction with the program, which produced significant improvements in multiple clinical health markers. However, since it struggled with finding a cost-effective manner to offer its services directly to consumers, it terminated this channel. “Our decision to do so is attributable to the simple fact that the cost of providing the service exceeds what our customers can pay for it. We believe the costs of collecting the genetic, blood and microbiome assays that form the foundation of the program will eventually decline to a point where the program can be delivered to consumers cost-effectively. However, we are unable to continue to operate at a loss until that time arrives.”

The Seattle-based company has raised over $52m since its inception and is backed by  New York Life Ventures :