Welcome to Modern Renting With Patch

Meet Patch Property :



The London-based startup is a government-supported, deposit-payment product. It aims to make apartment hunting simpler, by paying deposits for tenants. Services include: (1) Rent Tracking – Patch tracks rent payments to build one’s Experian credit score – for free. (2) New Rent Deposit – Patch pays a security deposit (of up to £4k) on one’s new home – in exchange for a monthly subscription. (3) Existing Rent Deposit – Patch refunds one’s current security deposit – also in exchange for a monthly subscription.

Established in 2014, Patch – led by David Yalland – originally focused on allowing users to locate their next apartment. It has since expanded to operate both a B2C and a B2B model.



Bottom Line: “100,000 renters [are] already using Patch.”