Wagmo partners with California Pet Pharmacy

Boston-based pet insurance company Wagmo announced a partnership with California Pet Pharmacy (CPP) to provide nationwide access to the best possible prices on flea, tick and heartworm medication for Wagmo customers. This benefit is available to customers as part of the Wagmo Perk Program, which provides members with access to hand-picked perks.

“Wagmo’s unique approach to pet health and wellness benefits pet parents from the start of their pet’s life journey. From grooming to dental cleanings, Wagmo helps pet parents alleviate costs of maintaining their pet’s health. By separating its wellness and insurance offerings, Wagmo is the one company that gives pet parents the flexibility to choose which plan is most suitable for their needs. As veterinary healthcare evolves, Wagmo’s wellness and insurance platforms will help veterinarians continue to position the highest level of care for their patients.” – Dr. Jay Lalli DVM, veterinarian and founder of California Pet Pharmacy.

Access to discounts through CPP is just one of the benefits now available to Wagmo members as part of the perk program. By curating a network of premium brands, Wagmo is able to bring exclusive products and services to pet parents at a discounted rate. Currently the perk program hosts partnerships with BarkBox, GoodPup and other premium brands, giving members access to products and services ranging from virtual dog trainers, pet portrait artists, premium toys, and now a pet pharmacy. Wagmo introduces new partners regularly, and members can access these exclusive perks directly through their Wagmo dashboard.

“Our goal is to transform pet insurance by bringing additional value – and joy – to pet parents beyond paying for vet bills. We know there’s more to caring for a pet than bringing them to the vet when they’re sick, and our Wagmo Perk Program acknowledges and supports pet parents throughout that journey. We are thrilled to add the California Pet Pharmacy to our Wagmo Perk Program, helping us in our mission to fully support new pet parents as they navigate the costs associated with raising their new best friends.” – Christie Horvath CEO of Wagmo.

California Pet Pharmacy is white coat veterinary pharmacy licensed to dispense medications in all 50 states and holds Safe.Pharmacy accreditation from National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Founded in 2010 by veterinarian, Dr. Jay Lalli DVM, CPP’s mission is to lower the cost of prescription medications for pet parents and improve compliance to maintain healthy and happy pets.

Wagmo Wellness plans begin at $20 per month. Insurance plans start at $9 for cats and $13 per month for dogs and vary based on your pet’s age, breed, and zip code.