Volta Trucks partners with Qover and Helvetia

Swedish automotive startup Volta Trucks has appointed Qover to power its insurance offering which will be backed by Helvetia.

Volta Trucks’ customers will be offered motor insurance with adjustable coverage levels based on the needs of their fleets. The coverage will first be available to customers in France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. The product will launch in other countries across Europe and Scandinavia in the future.

Founded in 2019, Volta Trucks is the maker of an electric truck designed for last-mile logistics. The startup plans to deliver 5,000 vehicles this year and in 2025 it will be operational across Europe and the US. The startup raised ~$390 million to date.

“The partnership between Volta Trucks, Qover and Helvetia breaks new ground for the commercial vehicle industry as an important part of our Truck as a Service offer. Through our close customer engagement, we know that traditional insurers sometimes don’t understand the differences and opportunities of an all-electric truck versus the legacy internal combustion-engine vehicle they’re used to insuring. The partnership with Qover and Helvetia resolves this issue and is yet another example of how Volta Trucks is supporting our customers on their accelerated journey to sustainable and zero-tailpipe emission operations.” – Casper Norden, chief fleet solutions officer of Volta Trucks.

“From an insurance standpoint, Volta Trucks’ emphasis on safety in their product design is particularly interesting. Through this partnership, we see the potential to develop enhanced insurance programs that leverage telematics data from Volta Trucks’ vehicles to further enhance the safety of their customers and other road users. While Volta Trucks and Qover operate as orchestrators in their respective industries, our shared values enable us to form a strong pan-European partnership.” – Quentin Colmant, CEO and co-founder of Qover.

“The partnership of Helvetia International Automotive and Volta Trucks is a perfect symbiosis and the answer to the ongoing and dynamic disruption in the automotive industry and society. We are innovative, electric, 100% digital and support the journey towards sustainable better mobility.” – Tilo Schroiff, head of Helvetia International Automotive.