Verti Insurance no longer offers car insurance in the US

In late 2017, the US arm of MAPFRE had launched Verti Insurance , its “first ever digital offering exclusively in Pennsylvania.”

The company shared that specific Pennsylvania counties were targeted based on audience segmentation seeking those who prefer self-service car insurance, and that Pennsylvania was selected because its regulatory climate is similar to many other states, coupled with it being the 6th largest market in the United States.

“Now Pennsylvania drivers will have access to a fresh new option that combines both personal support and mobile convenience as Verti begins offering coverage across the state. Verti started by meeting with lots of people in their own homes to learn how insurance companies could really make a difference rather than just being another bill to pay. Then they built a new company designed to make car insurance simple, smart and created with everyone’s needs put front and center. They created a new approach to auto insurance, offering customers the convenience of a robust mobile experience combined with personalized support.”

Nowadays, Verti is no longer selling car insurance and judging by Google reviews, that has been the case for at least 11 months now.