Vero collaborates with Farmgate to reduce rural theft

Vero Insurance , a Suncorp subsidiary, has recently announced its work with Farmgate Networks Limited , a New Zealand-based startup which is redefining security for Kiwi farmers.

Founded in 2021, Farmgate is an access control system for rural properties that is comprised of a system of outdoor cameras, real-time license plate recognition that connects with a NZ Police stolen car record, and a solar-powered barrier arm.

For context, in New Zealand, rural theft continues to be a problem, with Vero having spent $2 million on claims costs for theft and burglary losses against rural policies since the the beginning of the year. Further, this is a 34% increase above the claims figures from 2021.

By collaborating with Farmgate, Vero is hoping to bring awareness to the support that these theft reduction services can have.

“We’ve estimated that up to 60% of rural crime incidents could occur in a stolen vehicle, usually through the front entrance of the property. This is what makes the Farmgate system so game-changing for farmers, as when a vehicle approaches the property, Farmgate can automatically verify the license plate. Authorized vehicles (like milk tankers) are automatically admitted. Otherwise, the barrier arm drops to keep them out.” – Farmgate Managing Director Andrew Sing.

We’ve reached out to Suncorp to understand the scope of this partnership and received the following statement:

“Vero has teamed up with Farmgate to help raise awareness of this innovative, solar powered technology that provides three arms of defence for rural property owners.  By providing a $500 cash-back offer to new or existing Vero policyholders who purchase a Farmgate system*, we are hoping to encourage more people in rural areas to investigate services such as Farmgate as a way of improving the security of their properties and ultimately, offering them a greater peace of mind. Vero recently hosted Farmgate at the New Zealand Agriculture Show in Canterbury, New Zealand so that Farmgate could demonstrate their product, and potential customers could have an opportunity to see it first-hand.” – Sonya Whitney, the executive manager for rural portfolios at Vero New Zealand.

*Offer extends from November 1 through to December 31, 2022. Full terms and conditions found at