Verisk to integrate life insurance solutions with WOMBA’s e-health record platform

Data analytics provider Verisk will be using electronic health record data aggregated by WOMBA in its EHR Triage Engine, a tool for underwriters to fast-track life insurance applications.

Using consumer-authorized EHR data, the EHR Triage Engine can evaluate impairments “in five minutes or less”; helping life insurers to qualify as much as 85% of applicants, according to the company.

“The pandemic has added urgency to the digital transformation long sought by many in the life industry. Our plans to integrate Verisk’s EHR Triage Engine with WOMBA’s platform will help insurers make significant progress towards their goals.” – President of global underwriting at Verisk, Maroun Mourad.

“We’ve worked for years toward seamless, secure exchange of medical records that uses the newest technology while keeping the individual in control. With the opportunity to integrate Verisk’s solution into the WOMBA EHR Platform, Verisk shares our dedication to secure data stewardship and the innovative use of medical information to better serve consumers.” – WOMBA CEO Eli Rowe.