Vericred Launches Provider-Network Notifications Service

NYC-based healthtech startup Vericred announced the availability of provider-network notifications, to allow companies in the healthcare space to alert their customers when specified doctors or facilities leave, or join, a health plan’s network . This service seeks to reduce the unexpected bills and administrative burden resulting from unintended use of out-of-network providers. “There is remarkable churn in provider networks. Our data and now data services are enabling tech companies and carriers to deliver on the promise of provider network transparency. Patients, providers and plans all benefit from proactive provider-network alerts. Creating a smart notification service is another step in our overarching mission to drive innovation in healthcare through data” – Vericred CEO Michael W. Levin. And that’s Michael.



Recall: the company was established in 2014 and has since raised $9.85 in funding; its latest round took place only a month ago. Bottom Line: attempting to stop those surprise medical bills .