USAA upgrades its app

USAA has upgraded its mobile app to provide a ‘faster, more personalized’ user experience and ‘advanced search functionality’ that leverages predictive text and natural language features. The upgrade requires no action from existing users.

“Our members are stationed all over the world and we know they need a smart, simple, safe and reliable way to manage their insurance and banking needs in the palm of their hand. Amid the pandemic, we’re seeing that mobile options continue to be the preference for members to interact with USAA, with an increase in our mobile app traffic of nearly 12% over the last year and nearly 10 million unique users.” – Ameesh Vakharia, chief strategy and brand officer at USAA.

USAA’s mobile app provides all-in-one, fully integrated consumer experience for banking and insurance, including property, auto, and life. According to the press release, the upgraded app is:

  • Smarter – Using the app’s personal assistant, EVA, it understands individual member needs and automatically customizes to prominently display personalization solutions (e.g., letting members know their bill is past due, providing travel alerts, location-based catastrophe alerts and proactive, relevant life-event advice.) Reduction of 6.5 seconds off load time across the app.
  • Simpler – The new predictive search function leverages natural language, allowing members to type or talk normally; reduced number of taps to get to key transactions – 98% of transactions on the app are accessible within 1-2 taps.
  • Safer – Utilizes state-of-the-art, real-time automated behavior analysis to help protect members from fraudulent activity.

“We are looking forward to further personalizing for individual member needs within the leading financial services app that combines a turnkey banking experience with insurance serviceability. This upgrade sets the stage for future implementations such as enabling artificial intelligence and machine learning integrations for digital offerings.” – Ryan Barth, vice president of enterprise digital at USAA.