USAA Life partners with Express Imaging Services

Express Imaging Services, a provider of medical record retrieval and digital data solutions, will work with USAA Life Insurance Company to streamline the underwriting process for USAA’s members.

This expansion will allow USAA to utilize all EIS services, including eHealth Link Powered by SEQSTER, EIS Direct, Special Authorization Retrieval Application (S.A.R.A.), and EIS underwriting solutions. USAA will be among the first companies utilizing EIS’s eHealth Link powered by SEQSTER to expedite the retrieval of member eHealth data and further automate its underwriting process.

In addition to eHealth Link, USAA will also be using EIS Direct, S.A.R.A., and EIS underwriting solutions to expedite and streamline the entire underwriting process.

“USAA is excited to expand its relationship with EIS and leverage their suite of services. EIS’s expertise and innovative solutions will allow us to extract and analyze critical health information, streamlining the underwriting process for our members. EIS’s innovative solutions, including eHealth Link, will allow us to quickly and efficiently access critical health information, improving our decision-making process.” – Benjamin Davidson, chief life underwriter at USAA.

“We are thrilled to work with USAA and provide them with our suite of services to improve their underwriting process and overall member experience. At EIS, we pride ourselves on creating effective partnerships and services that help our clients meet their goals, and we look forward to working with USAA to achieve theirs.” – Paul Terry, CEO of EIS.

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