Update on digital insurance platform Merlinio

The product launch of Sigo in Texas brought up an old article from 2018 where we covered emerging auto insurance startups including Sigo and Merlinio .

Back then, Merlinio was a mobile-first car insurance startup with plans to help millennials shop for auto insurance. “We make it easy for younger, tech-savvy consumers to compare and choose insurance in 3 minutes or less and alert them when better insurance products are available. No unwanted calls. No bait-and-switch. No kidding.”

The startup developed its mobile app MagicQuote (and website) to allow users to scan and shop for auto insurance from select insurers including Farmers, Grange Insurance, and National General. The app is still available on the App Store, however, getting a quote through the app is another story.

Long story short, the Merlino website redirects site visitors to Answer Financial to obtain a car insurance quote.