Understory Announces Networks in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Denver, And St. Louis

Understory, Inc., a weather network and analytics company, announces the launch of five new metropolitan-based networks of surface-level weather stations. The new networks cover the metro areas of Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Denver, and St. Louis. These networks are a part of Understory’s second round of weather station deployments and join Kansas City in having Understory’s weather stations, named RTis, deployed every two miles throughout their respective metro regions. Understory’s networks are powering unprecedented insight gains into how weather impacts both property and business. With their latest deployment rollout, Understory now covers 5.75 million homeowners.


Insurance companies, such as Pacific Specialty, are using Understory’s data and analytics to improve how weather-related property damage is understood and handled within their organizations. “We are very excited about our relationship with Understory” said Stann Rose, Senior Vice President of Pacific Specialty. “We’ll be able to better manage hail events, which will improve our accuracy, efficiency, and, most importantly, our customer experience.”


Understory’s incredibly dense networks of RTis allow them to collect data on weather events that is both comprehensive and hyper-localized. Unlike current radar technologies and public spotter reports, Understory’s network data provides parcel-level accuracy, which gives claims adjusters a better understanding of household specific roof, siding, window, and gutter damage without leaving their desk.


“We’re really excited to have Pacific Specialty onboard” said Alex Kubicek, CEO of Understory . “The current weather sensing infrastructure does a great job at showing us what is happening in the sky, but it doesn’t show us what’s happening on the ground where people and businesses operate. We know that the granular information our networks offer will aid the Pacific Specialty team in making quicker and even higher quality decisions when it comes to how they respond to weather events. While this will obviously have a great impact on their organization’s bottom line, the positive change this will fuel within their customer service and their customer satisfaction is what really gets our team excited.”


With responsiveness and support from the insurance and agriculture markets, Understory continues its aggressive expansion throughout the United States. They’ve already begun preparations for their next round of deployments and are in the process of selecting the next metro regions to deploy within.


About Understory, Inc.

Founded in 2012, Understory, Inc., is a weather network and analytics company that provides dense surface observations generated by their proprietary weather stations. Their composite of granular weather data has applications across a variety of markets, including broadcasting, insurance, agriculture, forecasting, and risk mitigation. The information collected by Understory is analyzed and processed to create real-time datasets, views, and actionable information from historical, current, and forecasted weather events to provide better insight and early detection of risks. For more information, visit www.understoryweather.com.