Uber Offers Phone Insurance via Credit Card, Trov via Web

Yesterday Uber introduced the Uber Visa Card, a no-annual-fee credit card designed specifically with Uber riders in mind. With the card, users can earn rewards for their purchases, and those rewards stack up even faster for things like grabbing dinner with a friend, booking a trip, taking an Uber to work, or shopping online. They can also redeem their rewards for Uber credits (rides or UberEATS), cash back, and a wide variety of gift cards. Look.


Wait, there’s more. The card comes with phone insurance for those that will use the card to pay their phone bill. Fine Print: up to $600 in supplemental insurance coverage against theft of, damage to or involuntary and accidental parting of one’s cell phone not otherwise covered by another insurance policy.


Speaking of phone insurance, thinking of Trov. The on-demand insurance provider that till now was mobile-only has announced that users can now purchase coverage using its website; in UK and Australia, that is.