Uber, Lyft Drivers Can Offset Cost of Insurance With Cargo

Meet Cargo, a one-year-old startup offering drivers of Uber, Lyft and the like, a way to earn some extra cash by placing vending machines in their vehicles.

Here’s how the service works: drivers can sign up for the service for free via Cargo’s website. Cargo will later send them a 4-digit code that they will need to activate, and a prepackaged vending machine so that they “can start selling products immediately to their passengers”. When passengers get in the car, they can order products on their phone by accessing this site, entering the driver’s unique code, and selecting their item, to later have the driver hand it to them. According to Cargo, drivers using the service can earn between $100-$300 a month. Just don’t hand and driver. Bottom Line: Slice, meet your affiliate partner, for when you launch your ridesharing coverage.