TuGo is Looking for Bloggers

“Whether you’re a blogger, hotel owner, or non-profit organization looking to support travellers with comprehensive travel insurance and earn some extra income, we look forward to partnering with you. Become a TuGo affiliate and start earning today.”


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TuGo, one of Canada’s top travel insurance providers, is pleased to announce the launch of TuGo’s Affiliate Program. The Program is ideal for individuals, businesses and organizations looking to enhance their product and service offerings online. TuGo’s Affiliate Program (TAP) provides revenue opportunities for those interested in referring TuGo, without having a designated license to sell travel insurance.

‘We’re excited to launch a completely digital program that allows TuGo to connect with customers who aren’t currently buying travel insurance through traditional insurance channels. With our unlicensed affiliate distribution network, TuGo can add value to travelers in the places they choose to be online – whether that’s on a lifestyle blog, a travel-inspiring website, or as an association newsletter subscriber.” – TuGo’s CEO Patrick Robinson.

Affiliates have access to built-in tracking links, real-time analytics, and professional marketing assets that can be incorporated into their websites, newsletters and social channels. For every travel insurance policy sold through an affiliate’s unique link, they’ll be compensated once the policy goes into effect.

To be eligible for TAP, applicants must be a Canadian individual or organization, not licensed to sell travel insurance in Canada (excluding Quebec, Manitoba and Nunavut).