Tremor Announces Sandbox™ – An Always-On Reinsurance Buyer & Seller Demo

Boston, MA, September 20, 2022 – Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, is pleased to announce Tremor Sandbox™, self-driven demos that step through a Tremor Panorama reinsurance placement as either a cedent or a reinsurer.  Tremor Sandbox™ is a fully featured version of the Tremor marketplace where mock transactions can be conducted as a buyer or seller of reinsurance protection.  Buyers and sellers can practice to try out specific platform features and to experience Tremor from the other side of the transaction.  


Tremor’s self-driven demo environment is an important part of our mission to be a transparent marketplace.  Market transparency is not just about accessing data such as price and volume, it also means that the rules that govern the market are clear and available to everyone.  On Tremor, process transparency means that there is no mystery in how authorizations are mapped to lines, what the cedent sees and does in its Panorama view, or how market data is made available after transactions are completed.  Our self-driven demos allow the market to simulate a transaction forward and backward to see Tremor’s market rules in action.

Tremor as a Reinsurer

The reinsurer authorization demo lets users authorize mock coverage then simulate a cedent who buys a full fill so that users can see the final line.  If the user is a reinsurer, it is a great way to get comfortable with Tremor’s authorization tools and the way authorizations map to lines.  If the user is a cedent, it lets you put yourself in the shoes of reinsurers. The demo steps between the reinsurer authorization phase and results, allowing the user to:

  • Practice submitting supply curves in a standard authorization.
  • Simulate results based on your authorization and review results – see your own line as well as aggregate market data.
  • Step back and forth between authorization and results, changing your supply curves and seeing how the results change.
  • Add constraints to your standard authorization and see how they impact your line.
  • Try a stretch authorization / “equal shares” authorization

Tremor as a Cedent

The cedent Panorama demo lets the user manage a transaction from start to finish and see Tremor’s unique Panorama interface for setting pricing.  If the user is a cedent, this demo is a great way to see the power of Panorama and get comfortable with the platform before a real transaction.  If the user is a reinsurer, it shows you what the cedent will do once you have submitted your authorization.

You can:

  • Explore authorized capacity in Tremor’s Panorama interface and submit your final pricing.
  • Manage the reinsurers that will participate in the transaction, including which reinsurers are approved to participate and panel constraints (seller caps).
  • See how the pricing you set in Panorama translates into final lines.
  • Try panel controls, scenarios, and other advanced features in Panorama.

“As Tremor continues to grow and innovate, it’s vitally important that we ensure full transparency for both sides of our marketplace.  Allowing both sides of a reinsurance placement to experience what Tremor is (and isn’t) is important to us, we have spent a significant amount of time and resources to develop Tremor Sandbox™ as we continue to welcome more buyers and sellers to the platform this year.  Stay tuned for further market engagement initiatives we have planned for 2022 and 2023!,” said Sean Bourgeois, Tremor’s Founder & CEO.

Learn More

Tremor Sandbox™ is available at  Anyone can sign up and try our self-driven demos at any time.  Insurers and reinsurers with specific questions can reach us directly at

About Tremor

Tremor is a venture-backed insurance technology firm where world class computer scientists, economists, market designers and industry practitioners are working together to build a modern risk transfer marketplace. Tremor’s “smart market” platform incorporates intelligent market design, state-of-the-art auction technology and sophisticated optimization techniques to vastly improve how risk is transferred around the world.

For further information regarding Tremor, please contact:  

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