Travelers Streamlines WC Claims With New Digital Capability

Travelers announced the launch of a new digital self-service capability that streamlines the workers compensation claim process. MyTravelers for Injured Employees is a secure, web-based tool that provides injured employees with all the information they need to easily manage their claim from start to finish on their mobile device or computer .


“We know that better outcomes are achieved when injured employees are closely engaged in their claims, and our new digital capability makes it easier than ever for someone to stay involved in the process while focusing on their recovery. As the largest workers compensation carrier in the country, we continue to enhance our service with innovations that provide a better customer experience, improve patient care and reduce expenses for our customers” – Senior Vice President of Claim at Travelers, Vinny Armentano.


MyTravelers for Injured Employees provides a variety of resources in a centralized location to help guide an injured employee throughout the claim process, including:

  • Customized content tailored to each injured employee’s specific needs;
  • Fast and easy search capabilities to find health care providers;
  • Notifications of status updates;
  • Easy-to-understand information related to reimbursement for lost wages and payments made to medical providers; and
  • Real-time electronic communication between injured employees and claim professionals.


Play here.



Travelers’ new digital capability is part of a suite of workers compensation program enhancements that benefit injured employees and their employers. For example, the company’s Early Severity Predictor model helped to reduce the use of opioids by 30% among those who made claims with Travelers since the beginning of 2015 . In addition, the company’s patented ConciergeCLAIM Nurse program helps injured workers recover faster by providing them with personal assistance from a Travelers nurse who guides them through the workers compensation process.