Tomorrow is No Longer Mobile-Only

Seattle-based Tomorrow, a provider of a mobile app (available for iOS devices) that integrates a legal will, trust and life insurance into a single flow, is working on a web application “to help all potential users from all economic backgrounds.” Have a look:



Refresher: the Allianz-backed startup has raised $8.5M since its inception in 2016 and has partnered with 9 carriers, including: Prudential and AIG, to offer life insurance. It claims that 2.5% of users end up purchasing life insurance via its app. Also on its to-do list – introducing an app for Android users


Bottom Line: Trov comes to mind. “We designed Trov for use on smart phones, but much to our surprise funnel figures multiplied when we decided to add a web interface. And we are actually even attracting better quality customers” – Trov founder and CEO Scott Walchek.


Btw, speaking of life insurance players, thinking of Regard. The NYC-based startup is an insurance agency licensed to sell life, health & accident insurance products. It was established in 2015 by Patrick Frey and is still in ‘emerging‘ mode.