TNEDICCA raises $750k

TNEDICCA , the Columbus, OH-based company providing location-based crash intelligence for enabling more accurate auto insurance pricing, has raised $750k from Pixel Perfect and Grange Insurance – an early adopter of the technology and strategic partner in its development.

Founded in 2015, TNEDICCA acquires and curates traffic crash data and provides location-based crash intelligence through its cloud based platform. The company provides solutions to auto insurance, navigation service, automotive manufacturing, and transportation planning industries. In addition to its B2B offering, TNEDICCA also offers RouteWise, a consumer-facing app that helps drivers to better understand their exposure to crashes along a specific route, while providing trip feedback and safer alternate recommendations.

“The team at TNEDICCA has built an incredibly impressive proprietary platform that captures and enriches traffic accident data down to a specific address and cross street over much of the United States. TNEDICCA’s co-founders Yiem Sunbhanich and Nizam Syed have been able to take a highly innovative and scientific approach using the newly available crash location data they have created to take auto insurance risk segmentation to a whole new level for the industry.” – Raj Malik, Partner at Pixel Perfect Ventures.

“Grange Insurance is focused on bringing innovation and emerging technologies to the insurance industry. We’re proud to have played a role in helping TNEDICCA bring this innovative platform to life. Our Grange actuarial team is using TNEDICCA’s risk scores in our territory pricing models, helping to validate the benefits of the platform. These risk scores will help us offer more competitive rates to our customers, and make it easier for our independent agents to do business with us.” – John North, Grange Insurance President of Personal Lines.

“Pixel Perfect Ventures has an incredibly impressive background and extensive experience in growing and scaling early stage companies. Their presence in Washington, DC and San Francisco as well as Columbus will be very helpful in expanding our footprint and exposure as we grow and scale our business. We are excited that one of our first customers, Grange Insurance, is partnering with us as an investor. Their expertise in auto insurance pricing and the insurance regulatory process will help us significantly speed up our in-market implementation and business expansion.” – Yiem Sunbhanich, cofounder & CEO of TNEDICCA.