Howden Ventures backs Rosetta Risk Management

Rosetta Risk Management (RRM) announced that it has secured investment from Howden Ventures and will transition to a fully tech-enabled construction insurance MGA.

Currently a SaaS platform, RRM will aggregate construction risk performance data from construction projects, including details on building materials, construction techniques, and project timelines. Initially concentrating on Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and specifically Mass Timber (MT), insurers will gain new insights leading to better insurability and lower premiums in this rapidly expanding sector, according to the company.

“We believe RRM’s innovative approach will redefine how construction insurance is underwritten. It will focus on MMC, offering efficient and tailored coverage to meet the evolving needs of construction companies and contribute to a more sustainable future.” – Tom Hoad, Head of Howden Ventures.

“In collaboration with RRM, our aim is to support our clients and open up the supply of underwriting capacity by underpinning risk submissions with enriched data to better evaluate and manage risk. This investment emphasizes Howden’s commitment to transforming the construction insurance landscape with a focus on sustainability.” – Naresh Dade, Managing Director and Global Practice Leader of Construction & Infrastructure Assets, Howden.

“It is clear from our extensive experience in the construction insurance marketplace that our customers are using technology to reduce risk and increase productivity across the whole architecture, engineering, and construction value chain. RRM is uniquely placed to leverage this customer data for better insurance outcomes.” – Philip Callow, Founder & CEO of RRM.