Tinubu Square Launches Innovation Lab

Tinubu Square, a software vendor for trade credit, surety and trade finance solutions, has announced the launch of its ‘Innovation LAB’, focusing on blockchain, advanced integration and deep analytics for insurance and banking industry applications .


“The launch of the Tinubu Square LAB represents our commitment to being the most complete provider of technology-based business solutions for trade credit, surety and trade finance. We have two core principles with regards to the LAB. The first is to ensure that everything we are going to develop becomes integral to our existing enterprise best-in-class platform and secondly, that we innovate collaboratively with clients so that their needs and realities are addressed first. We will be innovative, we will be futureproof but it’s also critical for our clients to be able to use these innovations seamlessly and productively. The LAB at Tinubu Square also represents a unique opportunity for our clients to collaborate, test and refine their own approaches to these technologies within the industry’s only fully digitized SaaS based solution” – Head of Tinubu Square ’s LAB, Sébastien Méric.


The LAB will focus on blockchain, the externalization of data to the distributed ledger, data security, cryptocurrency implications, automation and multiparty workflows. In addition, customers will be able to take advantage of smart APIs that address the ever-increasing need for fast integration of assets, analytics and data demands for rapid connectivity and guaranteed success.


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