Tinkoff launches financial messenger built into its super app

Tinkoff Bank has launched a financial messenger built into its super app for users to chat while making financial transactions. Customers will be able to share bookings, payments and gigabytes of traffic soon, as well as get quick access to chat bots and the Tinkoff ecosystem products and services, and more.

This early version of the messenger enables chatting and quick money transfers between users.

With more features soon to be added as the solution evolves, Tinkoff customers will be able to use it to:

  • share movie tickets purchased in the super app or movie profile pages,
  • share bookings and restaurant profile pages,
  • split their bills, request money from other users, and share transaction details,
  • search for airplane tickets and monitor price changes using the Tinkoff Travel chat bot,
  • create group chats,
  • record, send and instantly convert voice messages to text using Tinkoff’s proprietary VoiceKit speech technology,
  • edit and delete messages, archive chats, forward messages to other chats, search for messages by keywords,
  • send video files, branded Tinkoff stickers, and Tinkoff Stories.

Going forward, Tinkoff Messenger will be integrated into other Tinkoff ecosystem applications, including Tinkoff Investments, Tinkoff Business, Tinkoff Mobile, and Tinkoff Junior. This will enable users of various Tinkoff services and apps to chat with each other as well as with the customer support and product delivery teams.

For example, employees of a Tinkoff Business client will be able to use a group chat to interact with customer support and each other, while Tinkoff Mobile subscribers will be able to share their gigabytes of traffic with other Tinkoff Mobile customers.

“Tinkoff Messenger is more than your run-of-the-mill messaging app launched by a major tech player. This is a financial messenger that was well overdue to complement our extensive financial and lifestyle service offering and a long-awaited solution for our customers. It’s a tool with all the capabilities of a regular messenger (voice messages, stickers, etc.) that’s now available as part of financial transactions, which cannot be implemented outside of banking apps. But there’s more. The messenger is a yet another link among the services of the Tinkoff ecosystem, helping to diversify and facilitate quick access to its various capabilities. As the ecosystem keeps actively growing, with new services being added literally before our eyes, it offers endless opportunities for integrating and leveraging our financial messenger.” – Senior VP and Business Development Director, Stanislav Bliznyuk.