Ticker targets convicted drivers

Ticker , a European MGA for cars and vans, is now going after convicted drivers.

“Our fifth product is now live: connected insurance for drivers with past motoring convictions. They face an uphill battle to get back to affordable insurance, so it’s past time they had the opportunity connected insurance offers.” – CEO Richard King.

The product is designed to give people the quickest and easiest route back to normality. Using a telematics device, Ticker provides the driver with plenty of feedback to work towards regaining a No Claims Discount, as well as a renewal price based on their driving.

“A driving conviction or ban will cause a huge amount of disruption to a person’s life and could even result in a loss of livelihood. When they’re ready to get back on the road, high insurance premiums add an extra obstacle. With the continuing cost-of-living crisis, it’s vital these drivers are supported back into good driving behavior and fair premiums.” – CEO Richard King.

Founded in 2018, Ticker is an appointed representative of Davies MGA Services.