THREE by Berkshire Hathaway

Meet THREE by Berkshire Hathaway – the three-page, “game-changing,” comprehensive insurance product for small business.



Unlike traditional business coverage which requires buying multiple, “unconnected and overly complex policies,” THREE will provide in just “three straightforward, plain English pages” insurance coverage for workers compensation, multiple liability coverages (including general liability, errors and omissions, and cyber), property and auto – all the insurance most any small business could need.

“Insurance is important protection for any business, but few small businesses have the time to actually read through the policy forms that are supposed to protect them. With THREE a small business can be confident in the protection it is getting, because the whole policy can be read in a few moments. Every day, America’s small businesses prove that great things come in small packages. Now they can get insurance on the same basis.” – Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett.

THREE, which will available to businesses online without the need to go through a broker or third-party, will be rolled out across the country as quickly as state regulatory filings and approvals can be obtained.”