There’s a Toffee [Insurtech] for That

Meet Toffee :


Think: a Gurgaon-based insurance startup established earlier this year to offer microinsurance coverage around one’s lifestyle. Think: bicycle insurance, sports insurance, and even Dengue (mosquito-borne viral infection) insurance; to name a few.


According to a blog post written by CEO and Cofounder Rohan Kumar, “Toffee aims to bring insurance to the unrepresented youth: the millennials”. “With Toffee, customers get bite-sized insurance policies: a Globetrotter Toffee for those that love to travel, a Sports Toffee for those that love to push their limits, and a Commuter Toffee for those who share a disdain for traffic…to name a few.” Play.


Bottom Line: emerging with $100K in seed funding from one named Vivek Gujral. PS. Did you know? Philip Candy from Arizona owns And there’s an agency by the name of Sweet Insurance Agency.