TheGuarantors Rebrands

TheGuarantors announced the rollout of Guaranti⁠ – its expanded program of multifamily products⁠ – together with a rebranding and new website. This follows the launch of their office program, Securiti, which was announced earlier this year.



Established in 2014, the company has since raised $26.7m in funding and is now a team of ~58 people offering protection products and solutions related to leasing.

Guaranti is a program that includes a Dynamic Lease Guarantee that insures landlords against tenant default, from as little as 3 months rent protection to the full value of the lease – the amount of coverage is calibrated to the landlord’s specifications. Guaranti also includes Security Deposit Add-On, as an alternative to the traditional cash deposit, to lower renter move-in costs.

“The market has changed drastically in just a few short years – what started as a way to help internationals get approved for apartments led to a goal of helping everyone in the real estate ecosystem achieve long term prosperity. For TheGuarantors, that has meant investing in risk analysis and in-depth underwriting , trusting our research to innovate beyond one-size-fits-all solutions, and developing new concepts such as Guaranti and Securiti, to provide more flexible options that evolve as the industry itself evolves.”  – Founder and CEO, Julien Bonneveille.