TheGuarantors is going after independent landlords

TheGuarantors announced the rollout of its new product platform designed to help protect small- and medium-sized rental property owners.

Previously, TheGuarantors partnered almost exclusively with “the country’s biggest institutional landlords,” representing approximately three million units nationwide. For the first time, the company is making its products available to independent landlords and their renters.

The platform allows independent landlords to access TheGuarantors’ lease guaranty product and rent deposit alternative and invite renters to apply.

“Small-scale landlords are integral to the supply of affordable housing. As we expand our offerings to independent landlords, we’re eager to meet heightened demand from both property owners and their renters for more security, more options, and more relief to help avoid renter default and distress altogether. Small-scale landlords are more economically vulnerable than institutional operators. It’s critical that we extend the same protections to independent landlords so that they, in turn, can extend access and affordability to millions of renters who need comfortable, quality housing.” – Julien Bonneville, founder and CEO of TheGuarantors.