The World’s First “Digital Human” Home Loan Application Assistant

UBank, a divison of National Australia Bank – one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia, is introducing ‘Mia’ – the “world’s first digital human loan application assistant.”



Powered by FaceMe, the “intelligent digital human platform,” Mia is UBank’s latest tech innovation, designed to answer any burning questions customers have about their home loan application. Short for ‘My Interactive Agent’, Mia, which is available via laptop and mobile, helps simplify the customer experience by giving on-the-spot answers to a range of the most commonly asked questions during the home loan application. By the end of February 2019, customers will be able to ask Mia anything from “what’s your current variable rate?” to “what is classified as an expense?”

“Mia brings new life to the word ‘chatbot’. She’s smart, approachable and a little bit cheeky, not to mention she’s a fan of gifs (aren’t we all) and even has a few jokes up her sleeve – all you have to do is ask.” – UBank.

See Mia in action here: