The Switzerland of Mobility

Transit , a Canadian startup that offers a mobile app to simplify urban mobility by combining modes of transportation, has raised $17.5m in a series B round from Accel, Alliance Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s InMotion Ventures, and Real Ventures, brining the company’s total funding to date to $26.6m.



Founded in 2013, and led by Sam Vermette and Guillaume Campagna, Transit allows users to enter their starting point and destination to find the best transportation options, while taking into account different modes of transportation, such as public transit, ride hailing, bike sharing and scooter sharing. The service is available in 175 cities around the world, and is endorsed by transit agencies, including Boston’s MBTA, Silicon Valley’s VTA, Tampa Bay’s PSTA and others.



“It took decades for carsharing to truly catch on. Years for bikesharing. Months for ridehailing. Meanwhile, in 2018, billion dollar e-bike and scooter companies were being minted in weeks. It’s the Wild Wild West out there. But it’s not just California this time. It’s the world. More mobility companies, more mobility options, more reasons to stop wasting our lives in filthy cavalcades of traffic. We’re close to the point where alternative transport options — combined with transit — can meaningfully compete with cars. The fact that five different car-markers are investing in a company whose explicit goal is to vaporize personal car ownership should be a strong signal a car-free future is coming — and fast.” – Transit.