The latest AI driven financial app for Millennials

Meet The Prax :

Available for iPhone via the App Store for $0.99, The Prax is a simple budget tracker that breaks down budgets to show users how much they can safely spend every moment of the day. Users can create a monthly, weekly or custom budgets (e.g. “I would like to spend $125 on coffee each month”) by naming them and setting the amount they plan on spending in that budget to have the app show how much money they can spend every moment of the day.

The company is currently working towards a freemium business model where for richer functionalities such as shared budgets with friends and family, in-depth charts or statistics, it will charge a small monthly fee. “We understand that paying for a budgeting app doesn’t sound too appealing so we implemented a “Tip Jar” for anyone that loves what we’re doing and wants to support us financially.”

Finally, the company says it will also add rule-based savings, e.g. save $0.50 every time Donald Trump tweets.