The Hartford’s Putty Insurance is no longer live

The Hartford has taken down its web page for Putty Insurance – The site now redirects to The Hartford’s Short Term General Liability Insurance page. When users click on ‘start a quote’ they are redirected to Tivly .

To back up, Putty was launched in 2020 as a semi-digital brand that had been in the works at least as of 2019. “Insurance pros at The Hartford created Putty: short policies for short projects. It’s constructed for handymen who may not need a big, annual policy.” Prospects were able to select a $300,000 or $1,000,000 general liability limit that protected them against damages to a client’s property, bodily injuries, medical payments and lawsuits. Coverage was available in 17 states, however, to purchase coverage, the prospect needed to call the carrier. There’s nothing to imply that Putty gained any significant traction.

Tivly is a company that has been in operation for quite some time under the unassuming name of Commercial Insurance.Net between 2009 till November 2022, when it announced a $26 million investment from Aquiline Capital Partners. The name is in reference to the company’s tagline, “A PosiTivly Better Insurance Experience.”

Bottom Line: Here’s what Tivly did not say – “A PosiTivly Better Online Insurance Experience.”