Test Drive Noblr in Colorado

“If your friends always joke that you’re the last to arrive when you drive, chances are you’re Totally Tortoise. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just like the fable, slow and steady usually wins the race when you’re driving. If you’re the kind of person who is always chosen by friends to be the carpool driver, you might be one Cool Cat. You’re situationally aware of what’s going on around you, keeping pace with traffic, and not someone who generally feels compelled to shout at other drivers when you’re driving. If that’s you, right on, Cool Cat. Right on. Perhaps you’re absolutely confident that you’re the safest driver ever, but have noticed family and friends get a little nervous when you drive. If so, you may consider choosing our loveable-yet-slightly-stressed Occupied Octo persona for your quote.”



Noblr , the San Francisco, CA-based insurance company on a mission to create “friendlier, safer roads for everyone by creating a community of responsible drivers,” appears to be ’emerging’ in Colorado [see “I want to sign up now! Who’s eligible?”]. Founded in 2017 and led by Gary Tolman, the former CEO & president of Esurance, and Jason Foucher, a former VP at Metromile, Noblr offers customers (referred to as members), car insurance rates based on how they drive.

To start, customers download the Noblr app to receive a fixed premium rate – the basic premium customers pay for insurance which stays the same for at least 6 months. As Noblr starts tracking driving behavior that include elements such as road choice, time of day, distractions (phone usage while driving), braking, and acceleration, customers receive a monthly variable rate based on how they drive. Customers also have the option to take a 7-day test drive before purchasing a policy, which will allow Noblr to offer a “more accurate rate estimate” for the fixed premium.

In addition to variable rates, Noblr also offers discounts when customers pay the fixed part of the premium in full, and use rideshare services instead of driving during dangerous hours (11pm-4am). And while the company only sells car insurance, their FAQ section states that they are able to offer homeowner discounts.


Bottom Line: Live by price, die by price.