Sunnova partners with Amica

Residential solar company Sunnova is partnering with Amica Insurance.

Sunnova and Amica will work together to offer energy services to Amica’s customers, including the Sunnova Adaptive Home, which integrates solar, battery storage, energy control and other hardware and software technologies, for the full electrification of the home. In exchange, Sunnova will promote Amica’s insurance products to its customer base.

“At Amica, we’re committed to helping our customers find solutions that meet their unique needs. Through this partnership with Sunnova, our customers and employees across the country now have access to innovative and reliable solar energy services like solar, battery storage, energy control and other hardware, and software technologies that will help them cut energy costs and reduce their carbon footprints. This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment of providing exceptional customer service and building strong, long-lasting relationships. With Sunnova, we’re driving innovation and delivering greater value to our customers and employees.” – Yiguang Qiu, senior assistant vice president, Marketing & Communications, Amica.

“Together, Amica and Sunnova will power the home of the future and provide the highest level of protection, safety, and energy security. In this time of rapidly rising utility rates, our EaaS solutions offer homeowners the chance to access affordable, clean, and renewable energy. By teaming up with Amica Insurance and their loyal customer base we are excited to extend our reach to more customers and offer them an energy service that is affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Through this collaboration, homeowners will gain access to innovative energy solutions, insurance products, and services that will enhance their lives and contribute to a more sustainable future.” – Michael Grasso, chief revenue officer at Sunnova.