Sun Life Partners with Collective Health

Sun Life Financial and Collective Health announced a strategic partnership to integrate Sun Life’s stop-loss offering into The Collective Health Platform to protect self-funded employers from the cost of high-dollar claims while creating a seamless purchase, claim and reimbursement experience . The two will also collaborate closely on ways to better serve clients through enhanced data analytics and risk modeling.


Industry data show that 60% of all people in the US who get their health benefits at work are in plans that employers establish and fund on their own. Also, a Sun Life poll found that 40% of employers with traditional, fully insured plans would consider switching to a self-funded plan. That could translate to nearly 35,000 additional self-funded employers by 2020, a significant market opportunity. Btw, Sun Life is the largest independent provider of stop-loss protection in the US for employers insuring their own health plans.


Collective Health, founded in 2013, is powering the employer-driven healthcare economy with its workforce health management system. Purposefully built for modern self-insured employers and their employees, The Collective Health Platform connects and administers the entire benefits ecosystem – health plan, benefits programs, spending accounts and employee support – to help companies optimize their healthcare investment and take better care of their people.



“Together, Sun Life and Collective Health will transform the benefits experience. Employers are looking for new benefits solutions built with the latest technology that bend the cost curve. Collective Health is a pioneer in the healthcare space that is making the experience positive and easy. Sun Life shares that philosophy with a strategy to use digital, data and analytics to develop new ways of exceeding client expectations and keep clients for life. By combining our efforts, Collective Health and Sun Life can make a bigger, accelerated impact” – president of Sun Life Financial US, Dan Fishbein, M.D.