Sumitomo Life Partners With Vitality

In collaboration with Vitality, Sumitomo Life is launching a rewards program add-on for its life and medical insurance policies. From July 24, customers will be able to choose the new insurance policy, Sumitomo Life Vitality, which includes the Vitality program. The program will offer up front premium discount, along with rewards from partners such as Starbucks and Adidas to encourage a healthier lifestyle.



“Sumitomo Life Vitality gives us a unique position in the Japanese insurance market. The upfront discounts offer clients the ability to take a higher level of insurance. Not only are we adding to adequately protecting people financially in sickness, disability or death, but we are also protecting their healthy life expectancy when they engage with this program as part of our insurance offering. We aim to revitalize life insurance in Japan with this product and to see the combination of Sumitomo Life’s exceptional track record and sophisticated technological capabilities, paired with Vitality Group’s unique IP, create better health for society and tangible value for our clients and our business.” – President and CEO of Sumitomo Life, Masahiro Hashimoto.


“Vitality is a powerful behavior change platform, which is successfully improving the health of 8 million people in 17 markets. Today, we are excited to extend that reach even further, and introduce Sumitomo Life Vitality to Japan. Maintaining the integrity of our core Vitality offering, we aim to make the Japanese population healthier by incentivizing healthy behavior.” – CEO of Vitality, Barry Swartzberg.


Sumitomo Life Vitality will be available to clients who are 18 years old or older. The product will be distributed through the existing financial adviser network of Sumitomo Life –  around 32,000 financial advisers, operating across all Japanese regions.