StoicLane launches private holding company

StoicLane has announced the launch and funding of its private holding company, which will provide “strategic capital and deep operational expertise to digitize and grow businesses in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate (“FIRE”) verticals.”

StoicLane was founded by Al Goldstein, Matt Foran and Jake Nice. Nigel Morris, co-founder of QED Investors and Capital One, will join the Board of Directors of StoicLane. Dan Berce, Ron Diamond, John Gilligan, Rahul Gupta, Joseph Gutman, Richard Levy, Kathryn Madison and Sam Yagan will join the Advisory Team. The Board of Directors and Advisory Team bring a wealth of industry expertise and serve as world class advisors to the StoicLane Team.

“We look forward to leveraging our investment and operational expertise to partner with exceptional businesses in the FIRE sectors. Our longer holding period uniquely positions us to realize our businesses’ potential over time and ultimately can provide greater returns to our investors.” – Al Goldstein, Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman of StoicLane.