Stash Site is Now Live

Last month Stash announced the launch of its website and the opening of its waiting list (you can sign up here).



The Kiwi startup plans to offer a mobile-first experience for those looking to purchase contents insurance. “Our insurance app (currently cooking) offers truly customizable policies to protect the things that matter most. We use technology smartly to automate the admin and make operations quick and easy, from getting a quote to filing a claim. All at the tap of finger. True personalization, no jargon, transparent pricing and automated admin. Stash makes insurance easy as.”


The Idea – (1) user downloads the Stash app, and (2) creates a digital inventory that will be used to “craft a policy” that covers just the stuff the user needs.



Bottom Line: never prioritize customization (think: tailored policies) over convenience (the opposite of the need to create a digital inventory prior to getting an insurance quote). After all, convenience wins every time.