Starling Bank announces new marketplace partners

UK challenger bank Starling Bank has added new integrations to its marketplace. The new additions include Bionic, the company powering comparison sites such as MoneySuperMarket and USwitch, Equipsme, a health insurance provider, and messaging platform Slack.

Founded in 2007, Bionic matches SMEs with energy, insurance, connectivity, telecoms, and commercial finance solutions from a range of providers, suppliers and products. Following the integration, Starling customers will be able to arrange their next energy contract from their banking app.

Founded in 2017, Equipsme provides health plans for UK businesses in partnership with a range of partners including; AXA PPP healthcare Limited, Medical Solutions, Health Assured and Thriva.

“These new Marketplace integrations allow our customers to save money on utilities, incentivize their staff with health insurance and sync their Starling app with Slack enabling remote real-time communications.” – Anne Boden, founder and CEO of Starling Bank.

Bottom Line: Starling has over 175,000 SME customers.