Sproutt is going after agents

When asked how Sproutt is different than a traditional life insurance company, CEO and co-founder Yoav Shaham mentioned the part where the industry still uses agents. Now, after almost two years of being strictly online, the digital life insurance broker which raised $12 million is looking to tap into the traditional agency channel.

Sproutt has an opening for a Marketing Manager who will deliver an “impactful, strategic, and innovative marketing program” to facilitate the expansion of its product offerings to brokers, agencies, and independent agents nationwide. “As Sproutt’s Marketing Manager, you will design and execute a marketing program that builds awareness for Sproutt’s products and capabilities within the insurance distribution ecosystem, attracts brokers, agencies, and independent agents to our platform, and drives ecosystem members to sell Sproutt products,” the job ad reads.

Between July 2020 and June 2021, Sproutt received a total of ~195K monthly website visits, which comes to an average of ~16K visits per month. With this move, Sproutt joins a growing number of insurance startups distributing their products through independent agents.