Spotted: Singlife’s new look




“Every MBA marketing grad knows that the best place to build a 5 star hotel is right next to all the other 5 star hotels. You’re then an acceptable brand by association. Our original Singapore Life brand was designed with this in mind – to position @Singlife among the top #insurance brands by association. But now that we are pushing the boundaries of #financialservices we have become so much more than just a life insurer. With our license as a Visa issuer, we now help our customers to #manage their money as well as #protect it. This launched Singlife out of the insurance space and into a whole new category superfintech. No more lions and old lettering. Now all energy and fintech. We’re about to leave the traditional insurers on hotel street behind…” – Singapore Life CEO, Walter de Oude.

Refresher: Established in 2014 as a digital life insurer,  Singlife has raised $173 million in total funding across five rounds from several investors including Aflac, and Sumitomo Life Insurance Company. Earlier this year, it expanded beyond insurance with the acquisition of Canvas, a prepaid card service in ’emerging’ mode.